The First Bourbon NFT.

Come Make History With Us.

1 BarrelFi NFT Reserves 1 Bottle of Ultrarare Alcohol.

Access to Ultra-Exclusive Barrels.

Initial NFT Collection Minted & Available on OpenSea.

First Vintage: The First Bourbon Produced in South Carolina
From Striped Pig Distillery

First Vintage: Striped Pig Pixie Collection

A BarrelFi NFT provides membership to the first NFT distillery collection, ever. Our first Vintage, in partnership with Striped Pig Distillery, includes tokenized reservation of one bottle (750ml) of one of the rarest Bourbon whiskeys on planet earth.

Striped Pig’s Bourbon is believed to be the first legally produced in South Carolina since the Prohibition. We have secured the final barrel to ever be available. The barrel will yield an estimated 111 bottles; only 100 NFTs will be initially available. The purchase price is .111 ETH.

You will join an elite club that is your ticket to:
– One-of-a-kind experiences with industry insiders
– First-of-a-kind holder vote on whether to age or bottle the Bourbon
Advanced Access to all forthcoming Striped Pig and BarrelFi releases

Crack Your Pig, Claim Your Bourbon

At any time you can convert (“burn” in NFT lingo) your Striped Pig NFT which enables your reserved bottle to be purchased directly from the distillery.

You may regret it later, but other holders will cheer, because you’ve just reduced the supply of Striped Pig NFTs on the market and increased their collectability.

Note: if your local laws prevent you from having the Bourbon shipped, the distiller can arrange for in-person pick-up at their. They also have a planned bottling party.

BarrelFi is ushering in a solution for many of the long-standing issues in the high end and boutique space. Verified authenticity, fair distribution, visibility into supply, and new ways for distilleries to market and cater to customers.
zerog Community Member / Holder

The Genesis Artist

The Striped Pig Pixie Collection has awarded art creation for the first drop to jl x Jeremiah Long. Long is a multi-hyphenate artist and creative producing an incredibly unique NFT to commemorate this historical event.

Artist, filmmaker, live TV producer, musician, and designer, jl x Jeremiah Long creates mixed media art that focuses on storytelling. You may run into him in any of these places: Veefriends, House of Kibaa, Boring Banana Co, Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult, Cool Cats, Hashmasks, Ethlings, Bones and Bananas, Thai Ghosts, Ghxsts, Simple Cat, Lamelo Ball Collection, The Cypher City, Fame Lady Squad, NFT Xmas Roadmap to Xmas, Zodiac Bits, and several other quality communities!

jl x Jeremiah Long

Barrel Fi’s First NFT: Striped Pig Pixie Collection

The NFT is available on OpenSea. Please join our mailing list to hear about future releases.

Roadmap – Changing Alcohol Collecting Forever.

v1 Roadmap Draft

Barrel Fi

Changing Alcohol Collecting Forever.
Built for Collectors and Distillers.


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