Newsletter #1 – Just getting things started

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This is the first of many updates. We do not have a solidified schedule for updates yet but I hope to be sending these on a somewhat regular basis (every week or two to start).

The project is moving forward. We are still working on a few backend tech details but mostly have that figured out for our first release which should be coming in the next month or so. The various methods and concepts we have talked about internally fill up several pages and we plan to pursue many of them down the road. However, for this first release we are really focused on keeping things relatively simple. We will iterate and innovate as we go along. We also plan to put out some high level information on how exactly we plan to use the blockchain (in this case ethereum based tokens) for our first release.

Other than the tech side, the bigger update for now is that we have put out a public request for participation from artists. We have spoken with a few artists on a one off basis and have a some options there but we really wanted to open it up to the public and see what comes back as well. To that end we have released the PR on LinkedIn and a few of our other social platforms. 

Linkedin Announcement
Discord and Twitter

Glad you are all a part of this and we look forward to communicating more down the road!

Josh on behalf of BarrelFi 

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