Newsletter #2 – Got some press!

First off. It has become clear that our most active/useful social platform will be discord so you can check that out here We given out roles to the first 10 that joined and will probably do the same with the first 50 that sign up so you will be memorialized forever.

A few major updates. First, the press release I shared here last week was picked up by at least three news outlets: here, here, and here. The release has also led to some artist conversations which has been productive and a lot of fun. We have also had multiple additional conversations with artists found via the vast discord NFT community so we are going to have some options for the art and may even make the final call on a phone call later this evening!

Some specific details on our release have been firmed up. First, planning on 111 bottles that will be hosted on opensea and released at once. There’s going to be a lot of additional benefits to NFT holders (besides a bottle of booze). We have not nailed it all down completely so I’m not ready to share specifics here yet. However, we do expect the NFTs to be available for purchase by the end of September.

As I mentioned last week our goal with this first release is to keep it relatively simple but we have some lofty goals for the platform. In an effort to remain forward looking, we have had a number of conversations with different development teams to create some truly custom stuff going forward and one of these newsletters will contain a roadmap eventually.

Glad you are all joining the journey and be sure to check out the discord linked above.

As always cheers!

– Josh on behalf of BarrelFi

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