Newsletter #3 – Good things come to those who wait

Hey all!

It’s a new week and a new newsletter! As always. Check out our discord. It is the most active of our social platforms. We have even more new readers for this one so welcome! You can see previous versions of this newsletter on our website.

We have had a very busy week. Last week I mentioned we were close on an artist decision. We went through two artists since then but you know what they say: “Good things come to those who wait.”  We believe we have found an excellent artist fit for our project and he will likely work with us as we move forward on the BarrelFi platform. He also has experience running NFT drops and has already had some really great suggestions concerning non-art related items. Lastly, he’s just generally a really cool guy and fun to talk to!

So after all that build up. I have to say, final contract terms have just been sent to our artist (like 3 minutes ago), we believe we have accurately memorialized the handshake agreement already made and I expect a signed contract by tomorrow but unfortunately I cannot publicly announce him until that happens. Check the discord!!!

Ok, another main item. I have been saying that we would have an end of September release in this newsletter and on our discord for almost a month now. We are likely not going to hit the end of September mark given the time we took to grab the artist we wanted. However, the release date for the NFTs will be prior to 10/15/2021. We have a tentative date in mind but I do not want to announce until I have some additional confirmation.

I have already stated that we are doing 111 bottles total. Of those, 100 will be available on the first release date. We will release the final 11 bottles at a later date. I will send a free BarrelFi T-Shirt to the first person who emails me the correct guess for the release date of the final 11. Hint: it happens before the end of 2021.

*Side note, we don’t actually have T-Shirts yet but I will go down to the local shop and get one printed off for this contest. If no one guesses correctly, I’ll send to the first person who emails me a guess.
All in all. It’s been a productive week. We have had a few conversations with development people to ensure our ideas can be captured by the token in the desired way and will have another important tech conversation tomorrow night.

We are rolling over here at BarrelFi and it has been a great time. More announcements are coming daily on our discord as we march toward our upcoming release.

Blog version of this newsletter will be available on our website over the next couple days.

Thanks for reading all. I’ll talk to you next week!

– Josh in behalf of BarrelFi

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