Newsletter #4 –

Hey all,

So there really is a ton that is going on. Honestly our team has accomplished like a month worth of work in that time. If you’re on our discord or follow us on Twitter you’ve seen some of it. You also already know that our presale registration has started on our website

I feel like I kind of buried the lead so let me say it again: We are in presale! We are about to launch this thing. The presale has two advantages:

1) You will be notified via the contact info you provide when we drop these NFTs on 10/10 prior to it being made public on our socials etc.

2) You get to reserve a number. It’s first come first serve (as discussed below). BUT they won’t be reserved forever. When we get around to making a public announcement, IF you haven’t purchased your reserved number then it will be made available to everyone. There are 11 numbers internally reserved for our second release date.

This isn’t a game. This isn’t hype. It is the real deal. I’m going to keep this “PG” – I’m so effing proud of what my team and I accomplished and what we are working on/toward.

On numbers. We have bottles numbered 1-111 and people have already registered so sorry, numbers 1 and 69 are long gone along with many other common ones. So get in there and get something good while you still can. Last I looked a lot of the doubles were still available (22,33,44) etc along with other cool numbers that may have meaning to you.

As I alluded to, we had to do a lot to get here. Establishing the final price point (.111 ETH), setting up and opensea, doing test mints, getting the artwork how we want it (Jeremiah is a beast). Deciding how this was all going to flow. Honestly too many updates to share from the last week and the point is: Sign up for the presale and reserve a number. Get notified. This has never been done before.

As always, this newsletter will be up on our website in the next day or so.

Thank you,

– Josh on behalf of the BarrelFi team

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