Newsletter #6 – Final update on sales and event

Massive update about the project overall. We are now SOLD OUT of the original 100 NFTs!

Many of these were bought with Fiat / USD so our OpenSea is showing several in BarrelFi’s wallet – we will keep custody until fiat purchasers figure out the whole crypto wallet thing – because the learning curve is a THING! From here on out all sales will be the 11 held back ultra rare BarrelFi Bottles… or Resell from our community on OpenSea!! If you bought w USD we are happy to help you set up a crypto wallet, just email us.

Key Update for our 11-11 event: EVENT MOVED TO 11:11AM – PST (2:11P, EST)… we did this to accommodate a TOUR OF STRIPED PIG! Along with the fun tour we will provide some education and talk in detail about the upcoming ‘age vs. bottle’ vote.

We were FIRST EVER to sell a Bourbon as an NFT. Now we will be FIRST EVER to introduce community voting on aging… so please join if you can to voice your opinion (town hall style) and if you can’t join let us know what opinions you want to share!

Teaser summary:

– Continued aging typically means higher returns – for both Whiskeys and NFTs…

– Bottling means we get to consume, party and come full circle on a first of a kind barrel to bottle to holder project, way before anyone else on the planet.

Either way – come join and help shape history, this Thursday 11-11 at 11:11AM PST! This event is OPEN TO EVERYONE – not just holders! SPREAD THE WORD PLEASE!

LASTLY; we will have a little surprise for holders. You may want to call it a present, for those that are present? #dadpuns

Now that we are sold out is the time to start hyping this to friends and fam… and the Thursday event is the perfect way to get folks hyped!

Thank You!

Mark Belluz/Founder-Barrel FInance

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