Newsletter #6 – Final update on sales and event

Massive update about the project overall. We are now SOLD OUT of the original 100 NFTs! Many of these were bought with Fiat / USD so our OpenSea is showing several in BarrelFi’s wallet – we will keep custody until fiat purchasers figure out the whole crypto wallet thing – because the learning curve isContinue reading “Newsletter #6 – Final update on sales and event”

Newsletter #3 – Good things come to those who wait

Hey all! It’s a new week and a new newsletter! As always. Check out our discord. It is the most active of our social platforms. We have even more new readers for this one so welcome! You can see previous versions of this newsletter on our website. We have had a very busy week. LastContinue reading “Newsletter #3 – Good things come to those who wait”

Newsletter #2 – Got some press!

First off. It has become clear that our most active/useful social platform will be discord so you can check that out here We given out roles to the first 10 that joined and will probably do the same with the first 50 that sign up so you will be memorialized forever. A few majorContinue reading “Newsletter #2 – Got some press!”

Newsletter #1 – Just getting things started

Please join our newsletter to get these updates as they are released via email. I will post as a blog post within a day or two of sending them out in email form. This is the first of many updates. We do not have a solidified schedule for updates yet but I hope to beContinue reading “Newsletter #1 – Just getting things started”