BarrelFi Team

Mark Belluz

Mark is a tech-obsessed entrepreneur with a passion for the crypto-space and an affinity for fine whiskey. He’s a family-man, an early crypto adopter, and he has a cat (mr.fuzz) with an Instagram following larger than most humans.

Pixie Paula Dezzutti

Pixie is the founder and CEO of Local Choice Spirits, a family run award winning brand development and distribution platform combining the strength of technology, super premium boutique spirits, experienced industry professionals, top-notch celebrities, the hottest music artists, and a pioneering beverage loyalty initiative.

Joshua Wozniak

Josh is an attorney-turned-crypto-nerd. He has always been fascinated by the blockchain and how to squeeze every drop of benefit out of the technology. He loves his family, predictive analytics, his homemade habanero pickles and beef-jerky, and a good stiff whiskey drink from time to time.