Newsletter #6 – Final update on sales and event

Massive update about the project overall. We are now SOLD OUT of the original 100 NFTs!

Many of these were bought with Fiat / USD so our OpenSea is showing several in BarrelFi’s wallet – we will keep custody until fiat purchasers figure out the whole crypto wallet thing – because the learning curve is a THING! From here on out all sales will be the 11 held back ultra rare BarrelFi Bottles… or Resell from our community on OpenSea!! If you bought w USD we are happy to help you set up a crypto wallet, just email us.

Key Update for our 11-11 event: EVENT MOVED TO 11:11AM – PST (2:11P, EST)… we did this to accommodate a TOUR OF STRIPED PIG! Along with the fun tour we will provide some education and talk in detail about the upcoming ‘age vs. bottle’ vote.

We were FIRST EVER to sell a Bourbon as an NFT. Now we will be FIRST EVER to introduce community voting on aging… so please join if you can to voice your opinion (town hall style) and if you can’t join let us know what opinions you want to share!

Teaser summary:

– Continued aging typically means higher returns – for both Whiskeys and NFTs…

– Bottling means we get to consume, party and come full circle on a first of a kind barrel to bottle to holder project, way before anyone else on the planet.

Either way – come join and help shape history, this Thursday 11-11 at 11:11AM PST! This event is OPEN TO EVERYONE – not just holders! SPREAD THE WORD PLEASE!

LASTLY; we will have a little surprise for holders. You may want to call it a present, for those that are present? #dadpuns

Now that we are sold out is the time to start hyping this to friends and fam… and the Thursday event is the perfect way to get folks hyped!

Thank You!

Mark Belluz/Founder-Barrel FInance

Newsletter #5 – Busy Weeks!

Wow, the last couple weeks have been nuts and I did not hold up my end on these newsletters in terms of consistent release times. I’m back at it though. I will start consistent Wednesday releases on October 27th.

I want to start with the most important thing. Tonight (10/19) we are having our second ever AMA at 8:30 EST on twitter spaces. We will have a hodlers only after party as well! We had a great turnout last time and ended up having some crazy conversations about all manner of crypto related news and opinions. So join in. It is a lot of fun, everyone gets to speak!

As a general update. We have been working to sync up with people to enable sales off the pre-register list. It is still ongoing because we are personally contacting every single individual registrant and giving them an opportunity to claim what they registered. However, that is all going to stop on 10/21. At that date, all NFTs will go to public sale.

As I mentioned though, we’ve had a great couple weeks. Last time I sent out an update we were just starting our sales. Our first sale occurred on 10/1/2021 and we have been steadily selling since. We are focused on getting everyone their registered bottle while simultaneously enabling purchase via credit card and Venmo. You will still need an ETH wallet to hold our NFT but this simplifies the purchase for those unfamiliar with crypto a great deal.

Our social media platforms (discord and twitter) are growing constantly and we’ve had some great engagement. So check us out there as well.

This has been so much fun and we have done so much already, but really this is just the ground floor. There’s a lot more awesomeness to come. Also, we are looking at our first potential hodler only live stream event for this Thursday so stay tuned for news on that. A lot of greatness is on the horizon.

– Josh on behalf of BarrelFi

Newsletter #4 –

Hey all,

So there really is a ton that is going on. Honestly our team has accomplished like a month worth of work in that time. If you’re on our discord or follow us on Twitter you’ve seen some of it. You also already know that our presale registration has started on our website

I feel like I kind of buried the lead so let me say it again: We are in presale! We are about to launch this thing. The presale has two advantages:

1) You will be notified via the contact info you provide when we drop these NFTs on 10/10 prior to it being made public on our socials etc.

2) You get to reserve a number. It’s first come first serve (as discussed below). BUT they won’t be reserved forever. When we get around to making a public announcement, IF you haven’t purchased your reserved number then it will be made available to everyone. There are 11 numbers internally reserved for our second release date.

This isn’t a game. This isn’t hype. It is the real deal. I’m going to keep this “PG” – I’m so effing proud of what my team and I accomplished and what we are working on/toward.

On numbers. We have bottles numbered 1-111 and people have already registered so sorry, numbers 1 and 69 are long gone along with many other common ones. So get in there and get something good while you still can. Last I looked a lot of the doubles were still available (22,33,44) etc along with other cool numbers that may have meaning to you.

As I alluded to, we had to do a lot to get here. Establishing the final price point (.111 ETH), setting up and opensea, doing test mints, getting the artwork how we want it (Jeremiah is a beast). Deciding how this was all going to flow. Honestly too many updates to share from the last week and the point is: Sign up for the presale and reserve a number. Get notified. This has never been done before.

As always, this newsletter will be up on our website in the next day or so.

Thank you,

– Josh on behalf of the BarrelFi team

Newsletter #3 – Good things come to those who wait

Hey all!

It’s a new week and a new newsletter! As always. Check out our discord. It is the most active of our social platforms. We have even more new readers for this one so welcome! You can see previous versions of this newsletter on our website.

We have had a very busy week. Last week I mentioned we were close on an artist decision. We went through two artists since then but you know what they say: “Good things come to those who wait.”  We believe we have found an excellent artist fit for our project and he will likely work with us as we move forward on the BarrelFi platform. He also has experience running NFT drops and has already had some really great suggestions concerning non-art related items. Lastly, he’s just generally a really cool guy and fun to talk to!

So after all that build up. I have to say, final contract terms have just been sent to our artist (like 3 minutes ago), we believe we have accurately memorialized the handshake agreement already made and I expect a signed contract by tomorrow but unfortunately I cannot publicly announce him until that happens. Check the discord!!!

Ok, another main item. I have been saying that we would have an end of September release in this newsletter and on our discord for almost a month now. We are likely not going to hit the end of September mark given the time we took to grab the artist we wanted. However, the release date for the NFTs will be prior to 10/15/2021. We have a tentative date in mind but I do not want to announce until I have some additional confirmation.

I have already stated that we are doing 111 bottles total. Of those, 100 will be available on the first release date. We will release the final 11 bottles at a later date. I will send a free BarrelFi T-Shirt to the first person who emails me the correct guess for the release date of the final 11. Hint: it happens before the end of 2021.

*Side note, we don’t actually have T-Shirts yet but I will go down to the local shop and get one printed off for this contest. If no one guesses correctly, I’ll send to the first person who emails me a guess.
All in all. It’s been a productive week. We have had a few conversations with development people to ensure our ideas can be captured by the token in the desired way and will have another important tech conversation tomorrow night.

We are rolling over here at BarrelFi and it has been a great time. More announcements are coming daily on our discord as we march toward our upcoming release.

Blog version of this newsletter will be available on our website over the next couple days.

Thanks for reading all. I’ll talk to you next week!

– Josh in behalf of BarrelFi

Newsletter #2 – Got some press!

First off. It has become clear that our most active/useful social platform will be discord so you can check that out here We given out roles to the first 10 that joined and will probably do the same with the first 50 that sign up so you will be memorialized forever.

A few major updates. First, the press release I shared here last week was picked up by at least three news outlets: here, here, and here. The release has also led to some artist conversations which has been productive and a lot of fun. We have also had multiple additional conversations with artists found via the vast discord NFT community so we are going to have some options for the art and may even make the final call on a phone call later this evening!

Some specific details on our release have been firmed up. First, planning on 111 bottles that will be hosted on opensea and released at once. There’s going to be a lot of additional benefits to NFT holders (besides a bottle of booze). We have not nailed it all down completely so I’m not ready to share specifics here yet. However, we do expect the NFTs to be available for purchase by the end of September.

As I mentioned last week our goal with this first release is to keep it relatively simple but we have some lofty goals for the platform. In an effort to remain forward looking, we have had a number of conversations with different development teams to create some truly custom stuff going forward and one of these newsletters will contain a roadmap eventually.

Glad you are all joining the journey and be sure to check out the discord linked above.

As always cheers!

– Josh on behalf of BarrelFi

Newsletter #1 – Just getting things started

Please join our newsletter to get these updates as they are released via email. I will post as a blog post within a day or two of sending them out in email form.

This is the first of many updates. We do not have a solidified schedule for updates yet but I hope to be sending these on a somewhat regular basis (every week or two to start).

The project is moving forward. We are still working on a few backend tech details but mostly have that figured out for our first release which should be coming in the next month or so. The various methods and concepts we have talked about internally fill up several pages and we plan to pursue many of them down the road. However, for this first release we are really focused on keeping things relatively simple. We will iterate and innovate as we go along. We also plan to put out some high level information on how exactly we plan to use the blockchain (in this case ethereum based tokens) for our first release.

Other than the tech side, the bigger update for now is that we have put out a public request for participation from artists. We have spoken with a few artists on a one off basis and have a some options there but we really wanted to open it up to the public and see what comes back as well. To that end we have released the PR on LinkedIn and a few of our other social platforms. 

Linkedin Announcement
Discord and Twitter

Glad you are all a part of this and we look forward to communicating more down the road!

Josh on behalf of BarrelFi