Newsletter #5 – Busy Weeks!

Wow, the last couple weeks have been nuts and I did not hold up my end on these newsletters in terms of consistent release times. I’m back at it though. I will start consistent Wednesday releases on October 27th.

I want to start with the most important thing. Tonight (10/19) we are having our second ever AMA at 8:30 EST on twitter spaces. We will have a hodlers only after party as well! We had a great turnout last time and ended up having some crazy conversations about all manner of crypto related news and opinions. So join in. It is a lot of fun, everyone gets to speak!

As a general update. We have been working to sync up with people to enable sales off the pre-register list. It is still ongoing because we are personally contacting every single individual registrant and giving them an opportunity to claim what they registered. However, that is all going to stop on 10/21. At that date, all NFTs will go to public sale.

As I mentioned though, we’ve had a great couple weeks. Last time I sent out an update we were just starting our sales. Our first sale occurred on 10/1/2021 and we have been steadily selling since. We are focused on getting everyone their registered bottle while simultaneously enabling purchase via credit card and Venmo. You will still need an ETH wallet to hold our NFT but this simplifies the purchase for those unfamiliar with crypto a great deal.

Our social media platforms (discord and twitter) are growing constantly and we’ve had some great engagement. So check us out there as well.

This has been so much fun and we have done so much already, but really this is just the ground floor. There’s a lot more awesomeness to come. Also, we are looking at our first potential hodler only live stream event for this Thursday so stay tuned for news on that. A lot of greatness is on the horizon.

– Josh on behalf of BarrelFi

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